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Simply known as 'SILENT HILL', this block of 10, dual level, undeveloped condo's sits hautingly nestled into a rugged mountain side. It is considered the ultimate in Macau airsoft game sites. ­­

  Characterised by dozens of rooms, staircase after staircase, ample balconies, open windows at every vanatge point, light to dense scrub in the surrounding fields with rocky out crops, ravines and high ground there really is a whole world of wargame scenarios to be had.


Whether it be close quarter, room to room combat, open field skirmishing, I.P.S.C. style games or a combination of all, Silent Hill bares bespoke exclusivity and versitility few game fields offer.

NOTE: The designated games sites are not the sole property of Play Airsoft Macau. These areas are deemed for public use and  within certain limitations.

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